Exhibition day.

Anu Dhakal

24 Jan, 2020

A science exhibition was held on the 24th of January 2020 in Janapriya Higher Secondary School wherein the students of our Young water club showcased working materials and the methods used in research activities for testing of various water parameters. The objective was not only to inculcate the importance of safe drinking water but also to inform the methods involved in making water drinkable. It involved students, parents and teachers to answer few questions. Also the viewers were taught on how to use the meters for testing water parameters and find out the value themselves. The science exhibition was held as a part of School Annual function day. Students from various groups such as Scout, Redcross and students from different classes actively participated in the function. The school directors took the initiative of encouraging the students to put up such a wonderful and enlightening exhibition. The judges appreciated the students. They asked students about the concepts of their models and initiation. . Charts regarding the water health and it's adverse effect on our health were presented.As the start up research, the spot of exhibition of the Young Water club was a unique one Because of which the group was also presented an award for their hard work and initiation.