Digital and Drinking water Learning Unit
Learning can be fun, if it involves the curiosity, facts, resources and illustrations for which you are passionate about. Information in simplified versions can be better communicated and it helps to fuel curiosity thus flow moves on. ‘drinkPani’ aims to build a composite learning platform where all these factors are justified and ‘drinking water can be understood and valued’ for now and forever. This section takes ‘digital and drinking water’ as the main theme, thus advocates for the sector and beyond as it flows!
Role of ICT

It is not about the choice but the necessity to use ICTs for the systematic development and digitization of the drinking water sector in Nepal. We still suffer a huge gap in data collection, transfer, storage, and dissemination in all levels. Overall, we need a proper data management system to operate and maintain drinking water supply and quality monitoring in water supply schemes.
Training Assets
‘drinkPani’ believes in capacitating young minds with various resources and guiding them with required practical skills at the same time.
'drinkPani' investigates and studies about real life issues in the line of academia and reflects it back to support in policy making and implementation in the grass-root levels.
Digital Media
This section presents you some insights about what we think and act in real life scenarios.
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drinkPani Terminologies
Every term is defined shortly and is further categorized as per requirement.
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