ICTs as the backbone of drinkPani Initiative

Amrita Gautam

14 May, 2020

Most of the developing countries are suffering in regular and effective communication of drinking water quality to take necessary decisions and actions when it is needed. Nepal faces several issues regarding this subject. Some of the key issues are,

  • Data scarcity on drinking water quality in water supply schemes
  • Youth are unaware of the local scenarios of water supply and quality monitoring
  • Lack of information flow: communication and data sharing gap between water supply schemes, community and decision makers

Information and Communication Tools have become a common approach in various sectors for regular management of plans, especially in the context of managing natural resources. Likewise, ‘DrinkPani’, a research based initiative in the field of ‘Drinking Water Supply and Quality Monitoring’ has ICTs as a core component to communicate data, knowledge and information on water supply and quality between local to national stakeholders and beyond, where ‘Youth’ are the main actors in collecting information and supporting data to the platform. ‘DrinkPani research team’ has made it accessible to the local utilities and other concerned stakeholders.

If we are-able to connect this loop right from the early start of emerging water leaders in making. i.e. capacitating Youth (from high school to university level) in actual understanding and work of water supply and quality monitoring using ICTs, this leads to the sustainable development of the sector:

'Drinking Water Security' and opens-up future doors of 'Water Innovations and Technologies'.